AVP International school is a precious gem among the multitude of schools in the city. From the moment you walk through the gates you are transported to a magical world of the education environment. It’s building with proper facilities and infrastructure speaks itself a lot. The place has been marked with Lush green surroundings and a peaceful atmosphere, therefore, making it a perfect place for educational learning.

Total Campus Area of School 9163 (Square Meter)
No and Size of Classroom 30   (500 Sq. Ft)
No. of Laboratories Size of Laboratories
1. Physics Lab 1180 (Square Feet)
2. Chemistry Lab 1180 (Square Feet)
3. Biology Lab 610 (Square Feet)
4. Composite Science Lab 500 (Square Feet)
5. Math Lab 500 (Square Feet)
6. Geography Lab 500 (Square Feet)
7. Computer Lab 610 (Square Feet)
Library 1200 Sq. Ft
Playground 2678 (Square Meter) – 2
Internet Facility YES
No. of Girls Toilets 3 toilets with 4 seats in each.
No. of Boys Toilets 3 toilets with 3 seats and 2 Urinal Pot in each.
Drinking Water 10 Tabs (2 Big Water Cooler)